Five Kills Friday – 002

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Five Kills Friday – 002

Happy Friday Fvkers!

Here’s the second weekly edition of my “Five Kills Friday” – A list designed to document my journey and a tool for accountability and self reflection. Below is a summary of how I’ve been investing my time this week, what I’ve been listening to and learning, plus an update on my primary purpose projects and leisure activities.

I. Book I’m reading or listening to on Audio:

The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris. I recently added Tim to my list of online mentors and have found great value in his podcasts and blogs. This book focuses on getting passed the fear that holds us back from making a move (quitting our day job, pursuing our dreams, etc) and details how Tim went from slaving at a day job earning an average salary to earning exponentially more while physically working less. He does this by negotiating his time, outsourcing tasks, etc  I just started it so more shall be revealed soon.

II. Healthy Meal of the Week:

Grilled Chicken Breast, Purple Sweet Potatoes, Spinach. I’ve had the joy of eating this meal 6x this week. The prepping is easy. Just season and bake chicken breasts in the oven at 350° for 30 minutes. I like to season mine with heavy blaqk pepper, cayenne pepper and oregano. Japanese Purple Sweet Potatoes are in season right now and are super yummy. Bake those in the toaster oven at 450° tightly wrapped in foil for about 45 to an hour. Organic Spinach can be purchased at any Whole Foods or supermarket of your choice. I like to eat it raw to preserve its nutritional value which tends to get lost after cooking.

III. Primary Purpose Project:

The first track of my EP has really started to take form. With less than 9 days before it’s unofficial due date, it’s coming along smooth. Got some sick drums and sweet bassline. Currently composing a secondary piano hook and tightening up the mix of the drums.

IV. Alternative Project or Hobby:

Finished learning the Japanese Hiragana Alphabet. I can now write anything I hear in Japanese independant of whether I understand it’s meaning or not. Up next is learning the Katakana Alphabet which was created for foreign words outside of Japan.

V. Leisure Activity that brought me Joy:

Met up for dinner with an old friend and mentor whom I hadn’t seen in over a year. He’s like a spiritual version of Vito Corleone and has always connected with me and counseled me during my darkest hour. Sometimes it feels as if he’s some sort of alternate version of my future self. His wisdom and experience always resonates with me and helps me stay on The Path.

Final Thoughts:

A year ago today I hit my rock bottom. Upon waking the next morning I knew it was time to make changes. The first step to rising out of hell is admitting we are Fvkt Up Beyond All Recognition and sometimes it is the hardest one but the path into the light is revealed once we take that first step. I accomplished more than I bargained for last year and I’m grateful for the mentors, allies, and tools that were put in my path to aid me along my quest. I sound like an alcoholic fresh out of recovery but No. I’m. Not. That is not my story.

Today I look back only to see where I was and pat myself on the back for not giving up on my life or my dreams. Tomorrow is within my reach and I’m going to put a dent in the universe. Watch me.

So now the question begs… What are YOU doing?

Let me know what your Five Kills of the week were. (wait, what? Kills? Headshot!)

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Embrace the Chaos!!


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