While I WAITED… I Was Wasting Away.

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While I WAITED… I Was Wasting Away.

Time, as I’ve come to understand it, waits for no one. There IS no time. There is only NOW.

The one who waits shall wither away and die with their music still left inside of them.

We all have a story we want to tell, a vision we want to explore, a life goal we need to accomplish, but instead of trusting our gut and executing on what we already know must be done; we sit back and procrastinate. We wait for the perfect time, the perfect opportunity, the perfect moment and end up wasting precious years of our lives over thinking, over analyzing and immobilized by fear. Suddenly we realize our whole life has passed us by, regret overwhelms our being and we waste away living a mediocre, uninspired life.

This is Unacceptable. This is NOT who I am nor who I was born to be.

Many have felt this way before. I have felt it. And I’m sure you have too if you’re reading this far. The only way out of this TRAP is to take massive action, executing on tasks that move us closer to our goals and life purpose. Every minute that we waste engaging on low value, unproductive activities is lost forever. It can never be replenished or recovered. So why wait?

Let us start making things happen today instead of watching things happen or even worse… wondering what happened.

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