Five Kills Friday – 001

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Five Kills Friday – 001

Happy Friday Fvkers!

Here’s the first weekly edition of my “Five Kills Friday” – A list designed to document my journey and a tool for accountability and self reflection. Below is a summary of how I’ve been investing my time this week, what I’ve been listening to and learning, plus an update on my primary purpose projects and leisure activities.

I. Book I’m reading or listening to on Audio:

The Like Switch. It’s a self development book written by an Ex-FBI Agent who shares his experience on how to instantly be liked by strangers and how to attract and win people over. The guy used to recruit spies and convince them to defect their allegiance using strategies such as Proximity + Frequency + Duration + Intensity which are usually the steps to develop a friendship with someone.

II. Quote I’m pondering and applying to my life:

If it is to Be, it’s up to Me. Heard this from Jesse on a Simple Pickup video which painted a clear picture in my head that the only one responsible for the quality of my life, is me. No one else is going to do it for me. So whatever it is that I want, it is up to ME to do the work.

III. Primary Purpose Project:

After many years coping with distraction and procrastination on my music, the time has come to finish production on my 7 track EP. Currently working on the first track of the album with a personal due date of Feb 1st 2016. I’ve got the meat and potatoes of the song down already and tuned my guitar down to A# for recording next week. Will be producing some sick industrial drums this weekend and tweaking up the lyrics.

IV. Alternative Project or Hobby:

I started learning how to speak and write in Japanese a few weeks ago and I’m already at the equivalence reading / speaking level of a 1st grader!…or was that Kindergarten? I forget. I’m almost finished learning the Hiragana Japanese Alphabet. わたしはにほんごがわかります

V. Leisure Activity that brought me Joy:

Went to watch STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS – The IMAX Experience in 70MM 2D Film Format for the 3rd time since it’s release last month 🙂

Final Thoughts:

Weekends can be epic. For most of us with 9-5 day jobs, it’s the time of the week when we have 2 full days to maximize our productivity on our path to financial freedom without the stress and mental draining poison endured from the Rat Race.

For others it is a time to pAArty and forget about work all together. I think a healthy balance of both will lead to the Good Life; you know, the one everyone wants but not everyone gets?

Therefore, how we invest our time during the workweek has the greatest impact on whether we will rise and conquer or diminish into an abyss of mediocrity. We must do what must be done, when we must do it, whether we feel like it or not.

All work and no play makes Jack a mother fvken CEO Bauss… only as long as Jack is actually working when he says he’s working and not slacking off on Social Media. Of course, Jack might also be inclined to jump off the 67th floor after a mental breakdown.

Too much work related stress, or stress in general can lead to burning out and a decrease in productivity. Remember to schedule a few hours of leisure to establish a healthy balance of both.

So now the question begs… What are YOU doing?

Let me know what your Five Kills of the week were below in the comments. (wait, what? Kills? Headshot!)

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Embrace the Chaos and make it an epic weekend!


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